Giving Power To Those Who Do Not Deserve It

Giving more power to those than they have is a psychological predicament of so-called black people all over the world. We esteem those who do not deserve it and disrespect those who we should regard highly. The result of this backward thinking is that we make a non-issue of ourselves.

We make a joke of ourselves by painting a mistaken picture of those whom we have allowed to white-wash our thinking. Veneration and respectability are not automatic entitlements just because a person or group of people claim that they deserve it. A person or group of people must have a reasonable and rational basis for being bestowed with them.

Too many so-called black people adore being victims. We have taught ourselves to look at one another, expecting the worst. In doing so, our expectations of one another are self-fulfilling. How have the creators of the universe allowed ourselves to become of no consequence? How have we allowed genetic anomalies to overtake us?

We have carried out this self-destructive feat by giving more power to those than they have. We have helped this catastrophic mind disintegration by esteeming those who do not deserve it and looking low upon ourselves.

It is difficult to be yourself when you are living in someone else’s house and must adhere to their rules. It is worst when invaders are allowed to dictate our house. So-called black people annihilate our life forces when we embed ourselves into an alien culture. A foreign culture that has only been in existence for three thousand years at most and is out of keeping to the natural order.

Your power is not for you to so haphazardly give away. The Mother of existence, who is existence, is not pleased with her children. The Mother of authenticity is allowing her children to make fools of ourselves, seeing as that is where we want to be.

Power is a belief. Artificial entitlements do not have a long lifecycle. The moment of the beast is quickly ending. In the face of this, what are the people going to do with ourselves? Are so-called black people going to fall apart with the biological misprints, or are we going to stand for ourselves and thrive as we have been doing for millions upon millions of years?

It is time to come out of being brain-washed, white-washed, empty shells that critters can dump anything and everything into and again become the Sons and Daughters of infinite beauty that All-Mother made us. Hip Hop artist can do their part by writing mature, uplifting lyrics rather than the inferior, self-defeating, and worthless lyrics that they currently produce.

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